Finding Damo

The story of a man, his job, two cats and the meaning of success.

About Finding Damo

I’ve always wanted to write an autobiography. But who would read the autobiography of a 30-something teacher and writer. I still have all my limbs. I’ve never been arrested. I haven’t climbed Everest or been stuck in a hole and forced to gnaw my own arm off. I can’t even cash in on the cutesy “stuff my kids do” market – no kids.

But then I realised: life isn’t a story. People make it a story. We are – as Pratchett, Stewart and Cohen call us – pan narrans: the storytelling ape.

So, I’m looking for a Damian that people want to read about. So I’m writing Finding Damo. I call it Hyper-Truth. A lot of it happened. And then, in the novel, more stuff happened that could have been real, but really truly, just-ask-my-lawyers isn’t true.

And while I write, this blog will keep me entertained and focused on the more mundane truths.

But before Finding Damo, there were Dwarves in Space. I’ve finally put this novel up for publishing in paperback and eBook formats.

Dwarves in Space on everything!

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Damian Perry on Everything.

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A little bit more on Alfie Dog: I post a lot of free stuff here. If you like the writing that I post here for free, why not try some of the work other people think is good enough to charge for? Ted’s Souls is part of my greater Faux Pas universe. Be Practical is an amusing little look at post-apocalyptic zombie Australia.




3 thoughts on “About Finding Damo

  1. Danny Galvin on said:

    I just finished Dwarves in Space and I really liked it. I read it in little portions over quite a long time and made it last. You must be a righter cause it’s written right.
    Danny Galvin

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