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Over the years, I have completed a number of playscripts. Some have been for my own amusement, a number have been written for College productions. And now I list them here for you. I don’t want money for them. I would like a copy of the video when you’re done, as well as modifications to the script. Eventually I’ll put in a versions section with acknowledgements from contributing authors.

Finally: the College productions are pantomine-y type plays. They are designed for a cast plus Year 7 chorus numbers. They are written specifically for boys, and we’ve used music from a number of sources – which is fine for a College with APRA paid up, but if you’re not a school you’ll need to change the songs or gain the right to use the music in your production of the script.

Scripts are in PDF and CELTX format. Celtx is a screenplay and authoring application which works across a range of devices. I love it. But I’m not paid to advertise it.

College Productions

Title Description Characters PDF Celtx
*May Contain Starfish  Written for the school’s 40th anniversary, this is an “homage” (read, theft) of Bill n Ted’s Excellent adventure, exploring the history of Lasallian education with an Australian focus. Main characters: Last, Lost and LeastSupporting cast of at least 11 or 12. Can (and probably should) double up on some characters  PDF file Celtx format file
Hit or Myth Two gangs – one with a caucasian background and the other asian – have a “fairy-tale-off” to decide which culture’s fairy tales are better.Lessons on the similarity of fairy tales around the world and the concept of racial tolerance play a big part. Characters: Two gangs of teenagers play all of the parts. Four or five strong singers. Suits a chorus and simple costumes.Does need a dragon. PDF file Celtx format file
Super! Two brothers start at a school for superheroes. They soon find out that there is a lot of tension in the place, with “Supers” divided into heroes and villains, and “Norms” – those with no powers – being treated badly by both. When they both manifest with powers, they end up on different sides and have to save the school from itself. Main characters: Brothers Joss and Zack. Igor, Nigel and Captain Marvellous.
Supporting cast: Professor Terrible and Teds.Super heroes/villains: various, including Bats Man, the Invisible Man, She-Man, the Blob and Distractor amongst as many others as you want.
PDF file Celtx format file

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