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Here is where I’ll be putting up information on the ‘Thropes series as it is written, published and turned into a movie.

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About the series:

The Big Bad WolfThe Three BearsThe Wicked Witch

The Big Bad Wolf – ‘Thropes Book One.

Simon is a 16 year old thief. He is stealing the powerful and rare moon fragments that the Melbourne gangs are using to fuel their transformations. When he is caught by the police and sent to live with a foster family, that’s when things start to get dangerous.

Ophelia is 13 and an excellent student. She excels in mythology and history. She’s excited to have someone else living in the house. Oh, and she’s a werewolf. A lycanthrope, or ‘thrope, as they are called in this world where over eighty percent of the population is infected.

Tony runs with one of the biggest gangs in Melbourne. It is headed by a ruthless ‘thrope known only as the Big Bad Wolf. The elite use moon rocks to transform and terrorise the population. Andrew’s not really a bad guy, but killing and mayhem is the only life he’s known. But with the arrival of the shadow figure, he realises that things are just going to get hairier. And he needs to get out.

When nearly everybody on the planet can change into a lycanthrope, how do you tell who the real monsters are?

The Big Bad WolfThe Three BearsThe Wicked Witch

The Three Bears – ‘Thropes Book Two.

15095487_1126756800775500_4640313873913904954_nA massive moon rock has been discovered in remote outback Queensland. It is a cause of celebration for the ‘thropes and there is going to be a massive festival, with ‘thropes coming from all over the globe.

Where there are ‘thropes, there is trouble. Especially now that the triple-goddess Hecate is using lycanthropes to restore herself to immortality.

Ophelia and Simon are going to need help.

Nicola and Olivia Perry (both with nymph in their DNA) have been hunting rogue ‘thropes since childhood. They are hunting some outlaw ursathropes known as the Three Bears.

As the multiple threats all converge on the ‘Thrope Festival, it will take the combined skills of all of the ‘Thrope hunters to get everyone out alive.

The Wicked Witch – ‘Thropes Book Three.

The Big Bad WolfThe Three BearsThe Wicked Witch

22308719_1429377530513424_7577782419886242820_nThe world is turning against humans. Government propaganda and pro-‘thrope sentiment has the last regular mortals viewed with mistrust turning to outright hatred.

This is the backdrop to Ophelia’s own problems:

  • Her dad has been kidnapped.
  • Her uncle is on the run.
  • Simon and her cousins are being blackmailed into chasing down rogue humans.

Not to mention the fact that she has to defeat the triple-goddess Hecate, now restored almost to full immortality before she sucks the life out of every lycanthrope on the planet.

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