Finding Damo

The story of a man, his job, two cats and the meaning of success.

This is not my weekly blog…

Time to see how many people are actually reading this blog! You are now my marketing minions! Spread the word! I’m published and I’m cheap!

I promise I’ll write more sooner rather than later.

Bounce, bounce, I’m so happy!

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3 thoughts on “This is not my weekly blog…

  1. Fantastic Damian! Is it a bit weird to say I’m proud of you given that I’m not your parent? 🙂 Anyway I’ve purchased them both and have spread the word …

  2. I have no problems with you being proud of me 🙂 You’ve been very involved in my writing since the vampire dream and subsequent story.

    I’ll email you when I get home.

  3. Yep, I sometimes forget that our lives have been entwined for so long. It’s interesting that, as different as our lives have become, we’ve both continued our passion for writing.

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